Chi ci ha scelto

Our clients are of medium and large, national and international, dimensions. Together with them, we thought and created strong impact projects. The matching between the experience and competency of our consultants and our clients, translated into actions that strengthened organizational business results. The work done with the direct beneficiaries, allowed them to interpret their role more coherently and functionally respect to the organization's strategy.

Our clients are:

  • Manager that supported by BeOn technology were able to recognize more clearly their own characteristics and individual competencies, in order to use them advantageously and responding better to the organization's new expectancies.
  • Leaders that have acquired an objective and standard methodology to assess performance and potential of their employees.
  • Manager that participated in the definition of the managerial reference model becoming protagonists in the creation of the company's mission and vision
  • Executives that have developed a leadership style with a strong impact and adapting to its context.
  • Leaders that have become coaches for their employees
  • Team leaders that have developed a style of coordination based on listening and feedback
  • Young people that have advanced towards managerial positions acquiring the abilities and competencies necessary to respond better to the new role expectations.

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