Spectrum 360°

Multirater assessment is one of the most valid and efficacious system among people development methods, in professional context.

Spectrum 360° is an integrated and polyhedric assessment system of managerial competencies; it is based on gathering a multiplicity of valuations from different observers (boss, colleagues, employees, clients, etc.) and structurally comparing them with a self assessment.

The assessment refers to professional behaviours in one's own real work context.

The questionnaire is anonymous and consents the measurement, through specific questions, of behaviours linked to a successful performance and to the competencies of a managerial model of reference.

The elaboration and integration of different valuations generate a detailed report about competencies valuated strong or weak, and highlights those functional behaviours that should be increased and those that should be improved.

This tool meets real needs of companies and was developed by BeOn on the basis of the specific experience in objective assessment an multirater assessment.

Spectrum 360° contains the principal requirement of such a method:

  • Flexibility: the questionnaire and the report are modular.
  • Fruition: simply and fast filling in.
  • Concreteness: real and actual professional language of questions.
  • Utility for manager: information for manager of valuated person, are automatically synthesized and integrated to be translated in an Action Plan.


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